How to Change Your Cover Photo

Before you change your Facebook Cover Photo

Once you have the Timeline Profile it is very simple to change the cover photo.  (If you have not yet got the Timeline theme, check this link: How do I get the Timeline Profile, for more information).  Assuming you are using the Timeline theme, follow the instructions below which will describe the process of changing the photo.

Step by step process to change your Facebook Cover Photo

1. The first step was to choose a Cover Photo and click on the green button to upload your chosen image from this website to an album called “My Album” on Facebook.

2. Next, go to your Facebook profile and click on “Change Cover” on your Timeline Profile:


3. Next, Select “Choose from my Photos”:


4. Lastly, select the cover photo and you’re all done!


Facebook Cover Photo Completed

If you head back to your profile page you will see the new cover picture in place for everyone to see.